Work Policies

Work Policies #

In general, the lab is an exceptionally relaxed place. Nobody’s clocking in or out, and I will never ask anyone for a time-sheet.

Work Hours #

As a general rule, I’m going to be in my office from Monday to Friday, from around 9 or so until around 5 or so (and very often later into the evening). I also have a pronounced tendency to work nights and weekends at home, especially on low-concentration things like catching up on correspondence.

It’s important to note that I do not intend, in doing so, to imply that any other lab members should need to work outside regular working hours. Except in very rare circumstances (say, the submission deadlines of grants, grades, or papers), which will be clearly communicated well in advance, I will never expect a response from you on a night or weekend. Work-life balance is something that I take very seriously, even if I’m often not particularly good at it myself. I strongly encourage you to do as I say, not as I do.

Working from Home #

I have absolutely no problem with people working from home – I probably work from home an average of one day every week or so. That said, one of the lab’s core values is to encourage collaboration and cooperation, and this doesn’t work very well if we never see you! So I do very much encourage lab members to develop a schedule for being around, to the extent possible. The standard requirement for all members is three days per week – if you regularly cannot (or do not want to) meet this level of participation in the group, then this is probably not the lab for you.

Of course, it’s essential that you don’t miss any of our required regular events and are taking care of the regular expectations for lab members.

Vacation #

The number of vacation days that you’re allotted is set by your contract; you will be more familiar with it than I am, so I won’t at all be checking in on your number of vacation days. Often, projects that the lab is engaged in will have a few events that are “unmissable” – things like public talks, conferences, or workshops – and you should do everything you can not to have these fall during vacation periods. Otherwise, as long as you give everyone a bit of advance notice, you’re not at all restricted regarding when you can take vacations.