Travel Funding #

(This is a skeletal page, still under development.)

Booking Travel #

This is a highly regulated process, because the university has obtained exclusive contracts with travel companies. You have two choices for booking your travel.

Important: In either case, you should keep your e-tickets, boarding passes, train tickets, hotel vouchers and bills, etc., and submit them all to the Institute’s accountant for possible future auditing purposes.

Use Carson Wagonlit Travel #

This is the preferred option, because it’s easier, and also saves you from having to advance the money for the tickets yourself.

Write the travel agency at, including (1) the name of the traveler, (2) the destination and times requested, (3) the account number (including all of the optional account number parts). As always, if you don’t have an account number, contact me.

Confirm your itinerary when you receive it, and the payment will be taken care of automatically by the university (you don’t have to pay in advance!).

This will automatically get you corporate-rate Thalys, Eurostar, and Lufthansa-group tickets.

Buy Tickets Yourself #

You are welcome to book your own travel, but you must get three quotes for three different itineraries and take the lowest available price. This theoretically applies to hotels as well, but for hotels it’s much easier to justify not offering three competing quotes (you can explain that you selected on the basis of location, being the official conference hotel, etc.).

Reporting Absences #

For insurance and bookkeeping purposes, you must report your travel to the Institute ahead of time. This ensures that your insurance is correctly handled (in the event that you get sick or injured while abroad, if this occurs during a trip for work, it’s the university that will be responsible for paying for your expenses), and that your being gone has been registered with HR.

For graduate students and postdocs funded by grants, you do this by filling in this PDF form and sending it to the ISP’s administrator, Caroline Dutry ( (For academics, this form should be used instead.) You must send in this form one month in advance of the planned travel.